Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Must Haves and Must Dos!

As I've mentioned before, I LOVE FALL! Definitely my favorite season! SO I thought I'd put together a list of fun things I have to do or have for Fall- ready?

1. Pumpkin Latte from Dutch Bros and or Starbucks.
Because buying coffee from these places is a treat and can't be an everyday thing, I'm going to try to make my own Pumpkin Coffee Creamer! I'll post a tutorial soon!

2. Eat lots of Candy Corn! I know some people hate it but I'm one of those who LOVE IT! And not the silly pumpkin shapes or the chocolate flavored- it has to be classic yellow-orange-white candy corn!

3. Wear scarves and boots!
I have many scarves and am in the process of crocheting more! I'm really into the infinity scarves and chunky cowls right now! And I really really really want some "riding boots." I love dark brown ones with buckles.
4. Go to the Pumpkin Patch.
We have yet to go this year but we will!

5. Decorate! See more of my home autumn decor here.

6. Collect colorful leaves.
I think I'm going to make one of these mobiles and hang it in my window. Tutorial coming soon!

7. Carve pumpkins. We'll do that once we go to the pumpkin patch! Here are some fun ideas though:
Jeff's pumpkin

8. Drink hot coca while reading a book next to the window listening to the rain.
Unfortunately I don't have much time for "fun"reading right now, so I'll have to substitute homework :/

9. Sitting next to the fire- preferably with hot coca, or a pumpkin latte, reading a good book or watching a movie.

10. Having friends over!
I'm seriously thinking about hosting a Fall themed Pinterest party for a few close friends. hmmmm.... more to come on that! I know- the suspense is killing you!

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