Friday, July 22, 2011


Tomorrow I'm wearing white.
Tomorrow I change my name.
Tomorrow I'm getting married.
All of my tomorrow's
Will be spent with my best friend.

I love you Jefferson.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Day After the Day After Tomorrow

Saturday is only three days away now- but each day drags on and on! It seems like it will never come! But before I know it, the day will be over in a blur and we'll be off on our honeymoon, and that will even be over before I know it and it'll be back to the real world- only I'll be married and that will make it so much sweeter!

I have been given many pieces of advice over the last year having to do with marriage. One piece dealt with this issue. More than one woman has told me to make sure you are looking forward to marriage and not just the wedding day. Too many women forget what the day is all about and get caught up in the fantasy and all the attention. Then suddenly the day is over and she isnt getting spoiled all the time- it can leave a girl depressed.

I dont think I'll have that problem. As much as I am looking forward to all the fun of the day, I really cant wait to be Jeff's wife and experience life with him. I'm excited for all our firsts and lasts- first kiss, first kids, first house, last diaper, sending the last kid away to college, first job successes, first ministry together, and spending our last days together whether that means the Lord taking one of us young or growing old and gray together (i' prefer the second option!) I am excited to experience Jeff and learn more about him and serve the Lord with him.

Our wedding day will be a precious memory, but each day can be too since we'll be walking together through life.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Made For Each Other

It is a wonderful thought that the creator of the heavens, the earth, and all living things, took the time to think about Jeff and Becca and exactly how to make us to compliment each other and glorify Him best.

 It's clear to see we were made for each other from the very beginning- we're both so stinkin cute!

Disclaimer- I'm sorry to any followers who may be sick of my love sickness. But hey, I'm getting married in 5 days, what can i say? :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Love Every Part of You

Jeff is my blessing from God. My wonderful Heavenly Father designed and molded him just for me.
He is my perfect fit in every way and I love everything about him:

His laugh, his smirk, his faith in God, his compassionate heart, his wisdom, his desire to know the Lord, how hard he works to do everything well, his athleticism, his support, his strength, his family, how he cares for me even in the littlest ways, his honesty and integrity, how he can make me laugh, his voice, his hobbies, his quirks, how he prays for me and others, his goals, his sacrifices, his love, I could go on and on.

To top all that off- God put him together in a very pleasing manner :) 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Days 8 & 9

Lets go back to the very begining. Look how little and cute we were!

8th Grade.
It seems like such a long time ago. I'd rush to school  just so I could play basketball in the morning before classes and get to see him. I'd sit next to the ping pong table and watch, although I'd never taken an interest in it before. I'd maneuver my way into being the only seat left on the bus- or go as far as publicly announcing that I was saving a seat for Jeff. I figured out what classes he had and walked the long way to class or visited my locker ever when I didnt need to just to be able to say hi. Let's just say- I finally got his attention. And I've finally caught him for good! :D

Taken a few months after we started "going out."

8th grade with a bunch of friends.

Jr. Prom. How he asked me.
One Saturday morning, i was sleeping so soundly and peacefully when all of a sudden I felt a kiss on my cheek. What did I do? Wake gracefully? All fluttering eyelashes and smiles? Oh no. I thought that it was my dad getting me up too early- so i swung my pillow at him without looking. Opening my sleepy eyes, i was shocked to see Jeff standing over my bed. In embarrassment I hid under the covers, hoping he's leave for a few minutes so I could get up on my own. But he yanked the covers off of me and half carried me down the hall as I tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes and figure out what was going on. On the kitchen table was a perfect little breakfast- pancakes with "PROM?" carved out of strawberries. It took me a second to understand that he was asking me to prom. Of course I said yes! Then we ate our yummy pancakes and whipcream, while he teased me about punching him. That was a really really good morning.

I love you so much Jefferson Forrest! I cant wait to become your wife and not have to say goodnight anymore. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Date

With only ten (yes 10!) days to go before I become Mrs. Jefferson Forrest, I thought it would be nice to go back and visit some of our best memories. I love you Jeff Forrest. <3

Homecoming 2006. After a year of being boyfriend and girlfriend and going on group dates, we finally got to go on  our very first real date. After pictures and a lovely dinner prepared by Jeff's Mimi and Mom, we hopped into our "limo." Byron was the converter and driver of our once-mini-van-turned-limo decked out with candles, sparkling cider, candy dishes and Napolian Dynamite playing from the school dance scene. The dance was all a blur, but it was a beautiful blur. I remember the first song we ever danced to was "I don't want to Close my eyes." The night was over much too soon, but my dress made one last appearance at church the next morning, where we were both sleepy eyed but smiling over the fun memories (and i was already planning next year).  :) 

Five years later I'm marrying my high school sweetheart. I am so blessed. I am so in love!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bridal Showers :)

I had so much fun at my Bridal showers last month! It was such a blessing to feel everyone's love and excitement. I received many gifts, well wishes, advice and prayers.
Tiffany Me and Olivia
 Thank you to all the church ladies who blessed me by putting together such a fun evening. Thank you most of all for praying for Jeff and I.
Yay for a new last name!
 Thank you to Nikki, Rachel, and Olivia and all the ladies who helped put together the family bridal shower. you did a great job! I had such a great time and it was a huge blessing to see friends i havent seen for a while.
In other news...

our family spent last Sunday at Hendricks Park. We brought along a picnic lunch and took a nice walk and laughed at some crazy foreign students playing games in the field.

Nice work on this pic daddy! Great photo op moment!

Wedding planning is getting CRAZY! With a little over two weeks to go, there is A LOT to do! Jeff and I got our marriage license last week and ordered my ring. Around the house we've been cleaning and scrubbing everything along with weeding and spreading bark. We met with vendors this last week at the house and showed them where everything was going to be. We found out we get to borrow Camp Creek Church's bus for our shuttle bus up and down the hill! Thank you!!!!! The Lord keeps providing in amazing ways!

On a very sad note... Jeff has mono :( please pray that he will get feeling better quickly, and that I don't get it. I've been waiting long enough- I'm kissing him on our wedding day! lol

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank God for Children and Carousels

Running the merry go round is my favorite thing to do at work.
Kids coming running, all smiles and full of giggles- and I'm the coolest person right then, because I control the Carousel.
The same song plays over and over again, but the kids never tire of it, and their joyful energy keeps me going; keeps me smiling through the long shifts.

There is something poetic about a spinning carousel, children's laughter, giddy parents waving, flashing colors, summer heat, and the joyfully triumphant music. I wish I was more talented with words, so I could more fully describe the beauty I see in the simple scene.

The next time you see a merry go round, and hear a child's unrestrained laughter, and see their uninhibited similes- stop and enjoy that moment. Remember what it was like to be that carefree, take a breath, and relax. Let their laughter fill you up with a little joy- and thank God for children and carousels.

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