Friday, June 22, 2012

So behind on pictures...

Day 14: Eyes. Jeff's Dog Sunny

Day 15: Silhouette. The old wood stands at the Father's day rodeo caught my eye. It was a windy day.

Another Silhouette: Our Wedding Rings

Top 13 Favorite books

Day 13: Me with Thirteen things: my thirteen favorite books right now.
 I love theis one because of the kitten trying to play with me. I had to set my timer A LOT because kittens kept running in front of the camera. :)

 The books aren't stacked by favorites but by size if you were wondering.
So my top 13 are (from top of the stack down)-
 Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. E Prentiss {I try to read this little book every year. It is a fictional journal following a woman's life and journey with God from 18 years old to her death. It is very encouraging to me because she isn't perfect but you can see how God grows her throughout her life.}
Finishing Becca by Ann Rinaldi {THis is a young adults book I read multiple times growing up about a girl named Becca who works as a maid during the revolution. Great historical fiction.}
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen {I've read this fully and in pieces over twenty times I think. This is my favorite book by far. Classic. Don't just see the movie!}
Jane Erye  By Charlotte Bronte {This is a classic. Read it!  Again, don't just see the movie, the book is soooooooooo much better!}
The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie OMartin {Even though I haven't finished this book yet I believe every wife should read/pray through this book. Prayer is so important to marriage. OMartin sets it up great, focusing on one thing a day for 30 chapters that your husband needs prayer for and also may shed some light on things. She covers everything from his fears, his health and trials to his sexuality, purpose and fatherhood. She starts out with a chapter on "his wife." Make sure you pray for yourself too.}
The Holy Bible My favorite translation is the New American Standard. {Reading your Bible consistantly helps with your relationship with God in that you are learnig more about Him and He is revealing things to you and teaching you through His word. Personally, I need to read my Bible everyday to stay focused on God and what is important.}
Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott {You just fall in love with the characters in this classic. I grew up reading this and I love it still.}
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee {Jeff and I both love this book. It's just so good with so much in it!}
Rebecca by Daphne Du Martin {I know what you must be thinking- two of my favorite books have my own name in them. No I'm not vain. :) My Grandma suggested this one to me. It's a romantic suspense story of a young wife living in a grand old house that is haunted by the memory of her husband's late wife, Rebecca. She sets out to discover what happened to the late Mrs. De Winters and the truth is shocking!}
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell {I, like most little girls, went through a horse phase. And while that fettish has died a little, my love for this story hasn't.}
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkien {Jeff read these to me while we were dating. It was our favorite thing to do at lunch our senior year of high school. Please please please don't just watch the movies. The books are so beautifully written! and there is so much you miss if you don't read them!}

{By the way, The Hunger Games Triolgy  almost made the list. Also worth a read! But they didn't make my top 13, sorry.}

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hahaha, I know what you are thinking, "She's pregnant!" Nope. :) I've been getting that question a lot. Well, actually the  "when are you two going to start having kids" question.

Here's the answer, God willing, after Jeff finishes law school so that I can be a stay-at-home mom, which gives us a good four years. To be honest, I'm a little selfish- I just want my husband all to my self and I know that after we start having kids, life will never be the same. I know it will be good but I want to have time to enjoy the now.

Of course, just because we aren't having kids yet (kittens don't really count i guess) :) it doesn't mean I can't dream about them. Last night I dreamed I had a naughty 2 year old boy running around stark naked laughing. I also have a Pintrest Board dedicated to my someday kids- here are 10, okay 11, no 12, of my favorite ideas:

1.) Elephants. there are just way to many cute things out there!

2.) Hilarious Family photos

3.) A growth chart I can take anywhere no matter where we might move.

4.) Having a journal for each child. You begin writing to the child when you discover you are pregnant and gift the journal to them when they move out for college. This is perfect for me because I love journaling.
5.) Awesome binkis.

The one to the right is a thermometer! Brilliant!

6.) Cute birthday crown to use every year.

7.) Natural toys/ toys that don't make noise. You know, like in the "good ol' days" we were happy with a couple sticks and a daisy crown. Wood blocks were always my favorite!

8.)  Awesome play house/room.

<---Through the wardrobe to Narnia!

Play house under the stairs --->

9.) Fun food!

<---- jello orange

 <---hot dog octopi

colored ice cubes
with food coloring --->

10.) Decorating kids rooms! I already wrote a post about this, read it here.

11.) Games and parties!

 Ninja fight


                                               "drive in" movie

obstacle course or "laser fields"

                   fishing for magnetic objects in the bath tub

12.) Dressing them :)

Sigh, so much fun waiting for us. I guess I should do a "date idea" post soon too, I've got lots of ideas for a budget! And for those of you who have noticed, yes, I am way behind on my photo challenge- but I am working on it!

Have a good Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Olivia's Bridal Shower

This is Olivia, one of my oldest friends.
We first met in third grade, both new and kind of shy. We quickly discovered not only were we both the new girls, but we also lived on the same hill, and even had the same doctor! Those were the perfect ingredients for an instant friendship.
We played four square and tether ball together, played on the same soccer teams for years, had sleep overs, and would meet each other halfway between our houses at the pond for play dates.
 She is really more like a sister then a friend. No matter how far apart we are, or how long between hugs, I'll always love her and be there for her- that's what family is for. (By the way Livy, I really wish I could make it to Maui for your wedding! I will be thinking of you!)
A year ago Olivia came to my bridal shower. (See her blog post about it here.)

About a year ago, on July 16, she said yes to her boyfriend Brock and they are getting married in 48 days!

Sunday I saw her for the first time since my own wedding  (man life flies by!) at her bridal shower. It was held at her soon-to-be-mother-in-law's house. It was lovely, she was lovely- with that happy "bride glow."
She was showered with love and gifts from family and friends. Oh, by the way, the food was brilliant. <3

I think I'll let pictures speak for themselves.

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