Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bringing New Life to an Old Chair

The few weeks before moving into the apartment I filled with lots of things, one of those being redecorating old furniture various wonderful people blessed us with.

For me, this mainly means painting everything white. I left the desk and table their lovely wood color, but the coffee table, chairs and my dresser needed some new life.

The chair below is my favorite, because I also got to try my hand at re-covering the seat cushion. This chair was found at the Goodwill by my wonderful Mommy Forrest for $2! In perfect condition (Besides the awful fabric and smell).
this is the fabric that covered it when I got it.

This tag dates this chair around the 1930's! It's held up really well!

 And this picture is of the chair in its original glory, except very worn and greasy. I pulled off the first layer of fabric to find this green greasy velvet number. I'm sure it was the height of fashion at one point.
 I used an glossy oil base paint. My dad owns a painting business so he knows how to clean up oil paint from brushes and things, I would suggest (and will use now that I'm out of my dad's house) not using oil based paint because clean up is a hassle, not just the brush but, if you are clumsy like me, legs and arms dont come clean with just soap. (nail polish remover or paint thinner works for body clean up)
I recovered the seat with a fantastic piece of linen-y looking blue, yellow striped fabric that I found at JoAnns on clearance! Score! Dont these two chairs look fresh and happy? White paint is definately my decorating go-to.

Next on the White-Paint-line up, neon pink locker storage bins that definitely dont match my decor anymore. I think I'm going to buy a can of white spray paint and see how it works, I havent tried that before! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Sweet (new, tiny, awesome) Home

We ate our wedding cake last night (or some of it anyway). it was a fun way to celebrate finally being in our own place!

Living room and dining nook. Yes that is a giant beautiful working fireplace!

our tiny kitchen in the back left of the pic



beautiful walk in closet :)
I'll post more pictures as the place gets cleaned up, organized and decorated. I'll post what i learn about cheap decorating too :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kissing Game

So, you know the "bug game" where when you see a Volts Wagon bug you call it and punch whoever is closest? I'm pretty good at that game.

My good friend Amy got me hooked on it. Well, forced me to become good at it, because whenever I'm driving with her I have a sore arm. (just kidding she hits nice)

This is one of the few games I've ever been better at then Jeff. And of course the punching got old when he wouldn't "punch" me back. So I switched things up...

Everytime I see a bug (when I'm with Jeff) I call it and kiss him instead of punching. It's a win-win, and now he's getting better at the game too. :)

So if you see a new VW car commercial come out with kissing instead of hitting- I started it!!! lol :D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cooking Together

So, lets be honest- I dont cook. I never really learned because my mom and sister are so good at it. Yeah, i can make pancakes, cookies, fry an egg and cook chicken- so I can survive. The problem is having the guts to try new things...even with a recipe. :)

That's one of the perks to being married, Jeff likes to cook, and now we like to cook together. So far all of our efforts have tasted great!!!

Shrimp Alfrado

Salmon and rice

Chicken and stir fry
In other news:

We are currently living with my parents while we finish up our summer jobs. I'm excited to move into our tiny little apartment, two or so weeks from now, just before school starts. I'm excited to decorate and make ourselves a comfy little home!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Married!

...and loving every minute!!!

I thought that it would be strange to live with a boy, awkward to go out in public or see family for a long time, i thought it would feel weird to be married.

But it's the most natural thing in the world.

Its almost strange how easily and quickly we settled into being married. It's not at all strange to spend time around family and friends and I love living with him-even with his strange habits. :)

The wedding flew by in a blur, like everyone said it would. It was beautiful- the perfect day, and everything went incredibly smooth. Oh, and that first kiss was great! (and each one after is even better!)

For those of you waiting for more wedding pictures...I'm waiting too. It will take up to 6 weeks for our photographer to edit and fix and sort though the hundreds of pictures. I'll be sure to post some of my favorites here when i get them, and more on my facebook page. Here's our wonderful photographer's facebook page where you can catch some sneak peaks! Harper-Valley-Photography

Our honeymoon was fantastic! It was so nice to finally be alone with my man- no family, no friends, just us doing whatever we wanted. Sometimes that meant hiking all day, or watching movies in our room until three in the morning, or eating cupcakes, chocolate strawberries and sparkling cider for breakfast just because we could. :) Went for walks and runs, went to the Zoo and Sea World, visited Tamolich where he proposed, ate at cute hole-in-the-wall places, found old book stores and generally had a wonderful first two weeks.

We are now back home, starting back at our summer jobs and trying to figure out FAFSAs and name changing. We are living at my parents home for a few weeks before school starts and we'll move into our apartment which is a few miles from campus. I'm really excited to finally be in a place all our own, and get to decorate it too!!!

Some prayer requests:
-Money for school (FAFSA)
-Work in Salem for both of us
-no bumps in the road for my name change
-that we would trust in God more everyday and always love and serve each other.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Introducing... Mrs. Jefferson Forrest!

Being married is wonderful! I highly recommend it :)
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