Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recent Thrift Store Finds

3 old candlesticks painted and glued to 3 pie pans

Two of Jeff's favorite books and a tall glass candle stick. (i'm obsessed with candles)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Found a Rainbow

Thank you for rainbows Lord and the promise that comes with them. You are so good.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Watching for Rainbows

The Lord promised never to flood the entire earth again, that doesn't mean that floods are out of the question as i am finding out.

I have never been in a serious flood and, beyond having to take different routes on my way to campus, i am not seriously effected by the flooding today in Salem which has gotten pretty serious in some areas.

here are some pictures of the flooding:

The flooding got bad enough that the Corban school officials walked around and stopped classes part way through the day to send commuters home safely. I had to stay on campus because my shift at work wasn't canceled but thankfully i live on a hill and i have a clear(ish) route home.

Speaking of home- one of the joys of living in the basement is dealing with flood waters. The outside wall of our bedroom leaks with heavy rainfall. So far we have only dealt with slight dampness- but today, the foot or so closest to the wall was soaking wet! Towels and heaters are clearing the way thankfully.

In other news: I gave blood today! I feel pretty accomplished being that I hate needles. :) It was a good experience, i didn't cry and i wasn't nervous but i did almost blackout. I don't know if i'll give again- i guess i probably will, once the memory of that needle fades a bit.

Praying that you all are safe and well. May God bless and protect you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

So it's been a while

Hey friends,
What to say, I've been very busy! The Christmas season was fantastic- first Christmas with my husband! So much has been happening so i wont try to cover it all, just know that God is good and we are happy and i have been very craft this past month!

We are now on kittens number 4 and 5: Cee Cee and Smokey.

I also turned 21! whoot whoot! Not that this birthday is much different than the others. Normally, in our crazy wonderful American society, new-of-age kids go out and get smashed- sound like fun? nope. :) I have a few reasons not to drink- so excuse me while i get all serious on you and know that i'm not being judgmental.

First of all, I am on contract. At my school we sign a piece of paper saying we wont drink or do drugs etc. so that we can attend. I gave my word, therefore i wont.
Secondly, my dad use to be an alcoholic. {Praise the Lord he has been clean and sober for over 7 years and is the most Godly man i know.} With that in my genes i dont want to risk it.
Thirdly, I don't think it is necessary to drink. I like to have control over my body and mind-alcohol doesn't help with that. :) I have also seen how ugly and stupid people can get and i dont want to look like that. I think i'd rather have a Dr. Pepper, thanks.
Fourthly, I want to represent my God honorably and not cause others to stumble.

Let me make myself clear-DRINKING ALCOHOL IS NOT WRONG, it is NOT a sin. But it is a sin to get drunk.  So go ahead and toast at a wedding, have a cocktail with your friends, have a beer with the super bowl- but do it in moderation and with consideration of who you are influencing- and order me a Dr. Pepper.

So how did i celebrate? I spent the day with my mom and sisters. We went shopping, at yummy food and i got my ears pierced for a second time. {i'd been talking about it forever and finally did it!} Jeff got home and we all at pasta and my vanilla peppermint cake.
Classes start up again in about a week. I'm probably the only student waiting with baited breath for the syllabi to go up online. See, i want to start on some of my assignments early- I'm crazy, yes i know. I have already started reading one of the novels for a literature class. I have 4 lit classes next semester! phew! Read read read read read read! I just need a comfy Papazan chair to curl up in ;)

And now for an up date in pictures- enjoy :)

Taking pictures of my sister for her Christmas letter

Nutcracker in Portland

Finally got a sewing machine!

happy day!
Newport aquarium with friends. Casey had never been before!

New years service with the Forrest family. Jeff and I, Riley and Nikki and Aunty Cindy led worship in Corvallis.
This was from July- i just love this pic and i miss my family bunches!

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