Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Begining Of An End

Tonight was my hall's last Bible study. :(  I can't express how much I'm going to miss these girls! Being an RA this year was truly a blessing. I came into the year expecting to give and give and pour into the lives of these girls. And while this was true, and at times I was totally drained- it was so worth it for the love they have shown me, the lessons I've learned through them, the memories and the friendships we've built. They have poured into my life and loved me unconditionally. There's nothing like dorm life; nothing like having 80 sisters and 15 of them call you "Mama Becca."
Here's what we did tonight:
Since it's dead week, and everybody's stressed out, i decided to keep Bible Study simple. Back in Feburary at our hall retreat, we painted our feet and danced on flat canvas'.
So tonight we painted verses on those canvas'.

Two of my suite girls blasted their music in the hall way and danced (if we can call it dancing) their stress away. :) I'm proud to say, I learned how to do the worm tonight. 
Then we made a late night Slurpee & Red Box run to prepare for our late night of homework.
And now, I will actually do my homework. Hopefully i can actually make it to bed tonight...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dead Week? How 'bout Die Week?

This is how I feel right now.
Only four days left of this crazy week but the summit looks so very very very far away! Yes it is encouraging to think that i only have four days of classes left, but then again, that's only four days to finish 2 projects, 2 presentations, and 3-4 papers totaling 15-20 pages. With needing to go to class and track practice along with a few meetings thrown in, i'm pretty sure i wont be sleeping much in the next few days. Why are you blogging you ask? Well, a girl has to have some sort of fun amid all this stress!
On the upside, I had a wonderful Easter weekend with my family. I love them. I've finally gotten to that age where i like sitting around the table in the morning drinking coffee and talking for hours. (My ten year old self would have screamed in horror in choosing conversation over play time) :)
The end of this week also has some bonuses- WICKED!!!!!!!! My wonderful fiance bought us tickets to go see Wicked for my birthday way back in December. I've been waiting a long time for my present and i cant wait!!!
Ok...fine...back to the grindstone...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Art Keeps Me Sane

My latest craft...a lamp shade with old cut up book pages glued on it...

Yes, it's true, crafts keep me sane. Amid all the papers, assignments, tests and meetings, I've got to have a little fun creative outlet! Otherwise i think my head would explode with ideas :) Here's how i did it...
1) one old lamp shade from a lamp i broke and a cute base from Target ( White Target lamp base)
2) grab an old book no one is ever going to read again (Goodwill, free bin at the library)
3) cut book pages into inch wide strips
4) use decorative scissors to add flare to the top and bottom of the strips
5) run tacky glue around the top and bottom of lamp shade and
6)attach strips of paper. because the shade is cynderical, the top of the strips will overlap more then at the bottom. i suggest doing this in two layers- as you glue on the first layer, the tops of the strips will touch and the bottoms won't. Try to glue on the strips as straight as possible! then go back and cover the holes.
7) add pretty buttons, ribbon, or paper flowers to finish it off. (to make flowers see my previous post old-books-paper-punch and buttons)
Wha-la! A beautiful new lamp!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Am Blessed

The things I am thankful for...
my loving supportive family (and soon to be family), having a car, a great education at a wonderful University, the amazing friends I've made here, the sunshine today, the birds singing me to class, the coffee before class, shoes to keep my feet dry (, a laptop, Christmas lights in April, my roommate who might as well be my sister separated at birth, my beloved Jefferson, legs to run and hurdles to jump over, trainers to help my legs feel better, books, my comfy bed, the opportunity to buy a house, Easter and all that it stands for (not the bunnys but Jesus rising from the dead), chocolate chip cookies, the RA team, giggles, prayer time with Jeff, happy little goldfish on my desk, the USA and the freedoms she gives, and while i could go on and on and on it all comes down to how grateful and blessed i am to be a Child of God, saved by grace and forgiven (yes, i'm a sinner).
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with so much! But most of all, thank you for sending Jesus to pay my price, to die for me and be raised again so that i to can be raised to heaven and be with you. Thank you that you want to be in a relationship with me, that you walk with me and guide me daily. How amazing you are! You love me! ME! Just this is blessing enough, but you still pour love into my life. May i never forget to give you the glory, Lord. Help me to be a light for you; help me to love like you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

Jeff and I had an amazing day yesterday! It all started when his alarm didn't go off and we missed church (which was sad). So we went down to Gov Cup for some coffee and studied Galatians 3 together. Then we tramped around the Book Bin (a fun little book store in downtown that we love). We didn't want to return to our homework yet so we drove around (ya know-like good old fashioned Sunday Drive style) until Jeff mentioned his dad wanted us to drive by a few houses he saw for good deals. Well, I wasn't going to be able to focus until we found them! The first we went to was great- 4 bedrooms, a cute front yard, off of the road a bit and a fenced in back yard {perfect for a puppy ;) }. But the second home we saw was amazing! Also a 4 bedroom, big basement and an upstairs as well, it just has that cute factor-old wood stove, glass doorknobs(!!!!), wood floors, and lots of character. It needs new siding, the nasty carpets need ripped out, new paint everywhere, numerous other projects, and two young newlyweds to make it a home. :) I think it's the hard work and knowing that we would be creating amazing memories working on this house that makes it so attractive, besides the fact that it fits into my Etsy favorites page perfectly. :)
Now we just need a down payment and some jobs. :)
<---look at the cute stone walk way!
and imagine a cream house with a red door, flowers in the planters and iron stair railing
            Dinning room- add a little round table, sturdy old chairs and some white curtains tied back with burlap
                                                                          kitchen-red paint on the walls, white cabinets and glass knobs, and a new counter top, and the flower box Jeff made me outside the window.
basement-cleaned and scrubbed, rug and couches, paint the beams and ducts and walls to make a fun hang out space for friends and family :)

 bedroom- paint the ceiling white again and the weird red under the windows, bed with an old door for a headboard and white blankets, and curtains and a cozy rug for our feet.

Maybe it's an impossible dream but the Lord is good either way!
We are going to be praying a working hard, I'd love it if you'd pray for us too. :)


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