Sunday, July 29, 2012

Typography Love

Time for another Etsy favs blog! I'm loving some of the typography stuff coming out lately! check it out!

These two Pillows are from The Shabby Creek Shop on Etsy. Love them!!!

All of these pretty things can be found in my favorites on Etsy!

Love this flour sack dish towel by Apple White

Flour sack dish towels are THE BEST! from Brookish
Beautiful movie poster designed by claudiavarosio
Wish I'd have thought of this when i lived in the dorm! From AmandaCatherineDes   
Love these cloth napkins from printinggrounds
Mr. Darcy (who doesnt love him?!) proposal mug from Brookish
would be a great wedding gift! from jessicaNdesigns
Pencils with quotes from Pride and Prejudice, NEED! :) from bouncingballcreation
from pumpkinandbutterfly
This cute cup from ikcdesign was inpiration for this
I could go on and on! check out my Etsy Favorites! Which one do you love?

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I love decorating. I am currently working on photographing my little home to share with you all. Of course it is taking for-ev-er because as soon as i clean one spot, another is messy, or I start a new project or don't have time. sigh.

How to describe my style? Country mixed with chic, some mod pops and a little sparkle? I love neutral tones and pops of color- that way i can easily change the feel of a room without spending $$$. A big part of the fun for me is re-purposing or fixing up pieces I have found at thrift stores and garage sales. I also move things around A LOT. Just ask my college room mate or my husband. so when I finally get those pictures up of my home you can bet I've changed something by the time you've view it. :)

Here are some teaser pictures as well as some decorating inspiration to tide you over until my pictures get here...

Picture from my bridal shower

Redoing my chairs

our bedroom this last Christmas

And some inspiration pictures I'm currently looking at for my home (found on my Pinterest)...
rustic and girly <3
White table and colored chairs
white, red and blue. country vintage
love this idea for a small desk space. and the chevron rug is great!
love the baskets, colors and gallery

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coffee coffee coffee

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I love coffee. Like not addicted (though Jeff would tell you I am) but in LOVE with coffee. No headaches or shivers or withdrawals, just love me some coffee!
Jeff knows me better than anyone so you can almost bet on it that if I have had a rough day or its a special occation, he is bringing Dutch Bros or Human Bean home to me after work. <3 Such a good man.
Monday was our anniversary and not only did he bring me a raspberry mocha but red roses too! I was surprised actually because I couldn't imagine him getting me anything else after the Canon camera!
Another thing Jeff laughs at me for, because he knows me so well, is the way I bounce, literally bounce, around when I'm happy. Sometimes I'll even say "bounce bounce bounce" while I hop around. Then, to make him laugh more, I started saying "coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee" when I was excited about getting coffee.

So to commenorate my sillyness, I made a coffee cup.

It's so beyond easy and cheap to make your own! Here's how:

1. Go to the Goodwill or any thrift store and buy a white ceramic mug in any shape that pleases you. Bring it home and clean it really well. You will also need a Sharpie.

2. Decide what you want on your cup.

3. Write or draw! I used a rubber band on mine to create a semi-straight first line. I also made every "coffee" different on purpose because I'm terrible at writing the same way every time.

4.Once you are done doodling, heat your oven to 350 degree and "cook" your cup for a half hour.

5. ALLOW CUP TO COOL BEFORE TOUCHING IT! I just turn off the oven and let it sit for a while so I don't take any chances of dropping it or burning myself.

And wha-la! your very own personalized-no-one-has-one-just-like-it coffee/tea cup! This makes fantastic, inexpensive gifts too!

I made a cup for Jeff too, as you can see. That is his goofy way of saying good morning :)

What would you put on your mug?
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 2

Weighed myself today. Only lost (barely) a pound this last week.
Well at least I lost and didn't gain weight back. This week hasn't been as great a week for working out and i need to find some more yummy, low cal, healthy foods that i can look forward to so that chocolate chip cookies stop calling my name.

On a happier note...

 I did have a fantastic weekend! Jeff and I went camping to celebrate our one year anniversary (which was the 23 but he had to work). We went up the McKenzie River to where he proposed, camped nearby and hiked back to the spot with a picnic lunch. We had a fantastic time! Jeff completely surprised me and bought me the Canon Rebel Camera I've been wanting!
Here are some pictures to summerize our trip. A photo is better than a thousand words.

Tamolich Pool, where he proposed. Click here to see how he did it!

Making Ice Cream

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