Sunday, May 29, 2011


OK, so I've had this crazy annoying eye twitch for the last week. Yes, the picture is a large exaggeration, but the twitch is almost constant at times. I think I'm stressed. I'm still looking for work, and I need to work in a bad way, and the wedding is less than two months away -WHICH IS SO EXCITING!- but there is so much to do!!! So, I've developed an irritating eye twitch. Wonderful.
I did turn in an application to Roaring Rapids and talked to the manager for a few minutes and left feeling very hopeful. Anyway, I'm going to call them in a couple days to check up on my application and hopefully they will want to set up an interview. I think I would prefer a job that would transfer to Salem after the wedding, but right now I'd work almost anywhere, and Roaring Rapids is one of the best summer jobs I could think of.

"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you." Psalm 37:5

My Poppop and Nanna Boring and Uncle Joe came down for a visit today which was really nice. i wish we got to see them more often. 
Yesterday was LOTS of fun! Jeff and I met at Starbucks to plan our honeymoon which was a lot of fun (quick summery: Belknap then San Diego) and I had my first dress fitting!!!! Momma helped me do my hair just to experiment before hand and I felt very much the bride with my beautiful dress on and hair and make up done. I can't hardly wait to try it on again!!! I miss seeing it in my closet.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekends and Weddings

I had such a great weekend! Jeff and I went to Anthony and Leanna's wedding on Saturday. I'm so happy for them! and a little jealous, I want to be married! :) Only two months to go!

some crazy Farrar guys :)

Grrr face, lol

  After the wedding Jeff surprised me and took me to Avery park and brought along a picnic. :) He's so sweet. It was a perfect end to our day.

My bestie also had her birthday this weekend. I'd just like to say that she one one of the most beautiful women i know, inside and out! I love you Nikki!
Now Mommy and I are working on wedding invitations and later I'll be starting my job search via internet. I'm thinking, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Barns&Noble, Borders, Target, Jamba Juice, Willamalane Swim Centers, Roaring Rapids, etc. :)
My mommy is so pretty :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moving Out

I check out of my dorm tomorrow, I'll miss living in Aagard. There is nothing like living with a building full of sisters. There is always someone to talk to, hang out with, borrow clothes from, etc. Plus, dorm events are one of a kind. From trucking in snow for a snowball fight to renting a limo as a prize for the dorm competition and then driving around town with music blaring at midnight. Dorm life is crazy, fun, growing, and I'm going to miss it.So goodbye home away from home, maybe I'll be back as an RD someday :)

of course before i check out i have A LOT of work to do. I have to turn this
in to this
Phew, i have a ton to do today! And blogging isn't helping. teehee :) Time to turn on some tunes and get moving!

What's your favorite music to clean to?

New Camera!

Yay! i have a new camera! Thanks to my wonderful Grandpa Ed and Grandmom Roy! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Now that i have this camera, maybe blogging life will be a little easier :)
For instance, Today was a great day! I was really productive-got some wedding things checked off, did laundry, ran errands,
Hung out with my dear friend Amy for our monthly Mac n Cheese night
Went to the park to play Frisbee and soccer with the love of my life
and then watched Megamind and an episode of Lost with him and some hot coco and popcorn
can you tell whose cup is whose? ;)

Things I got done today: made a healthy breakfast and read my Bible, did laundry. ordered our wedding bands, scheduled a wedding dress fitting, called about the bridesmaid dresses, called my mom, called my dad, ran some errands, got free dutch bros (yay for punch cards!), started working on Nikki's birthday present, spent time with Amy, got some exercise playing at the park, spent time with my Jeff.

Yep it's a good day :)

How was your Monday?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Than Friends

Photo By B. Jaskilka

These five beautiful ladies were on the RA team with my this year. (from Left to Right) Betsey was our fearless and creative leader, Sarah was always full of good insights and ridiculous goofy fun ideas, then there's me, and Olivia had her hilarious alter-ego and was super caring not just for her girls but for us as well, Teanna (TeTe) did our nails and was always so supportive and hardworking, and Jenae (Jenae-nae) was always good for a hug and some wisdom. We all got so close this year, I know i couldn't have gotten through without out their love, support, encouragement, advice and laughter. While we will never be on a team like this again all together we are more than teammates, more than friends. I believe we became sisters this year and i know i can count on anyone of them to be right there for me in the good times and bad. So here's a picture tribute to my sisters- I love you girls!

Thanks for an amazing year sisters!

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