Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to make a Sunburst Mirror

I wanted to make a sunburst mirror but I wanted to make it cheap and do something with scrapbook paper (because I love it and I have a lot of paper). This project cost me about $4.
Here's what you need:
- a round mirror. In my case I used a shinny platter I found at a thrift store.
-Scrapbook paper in whatever colors you want, the amount will depend on how big your mirror is. i used 8 pieces.
-hot glue
-blue painters tape
-pop can tab (to hang it with.

Now make enough of those pieces to fit around your mirror.
Here I just laid it out trying to decide on which papers I wanted where.
Another tip, the pieces sorta fit together, you can kinda see how they are tucked inside each other in this pic, this helps make it a bit more sturdy.

Now that you have it like you like it, use your blue tape to secure the pieces together.
Then get out your hot glue and go crazy! I picked up my paper and applied glue directly to the mirror and then laid them down on to the hot glue. After that I went back and added glue to weaker spots.
I glued my papers to the front of the mirror but you could do it on the back-just play around (before you glue) and see what you like.
Remove your blue tape and flip it over- now you need to hang it!
 Pop a pop can tab off a soda can and  place it on the back of your mirror and glue one side of it like this:

Now it's finished and ready to hang!

If you wanted to make a more traditional sunburst mirror look- buy metallic or sparkly scrapbook paper all in the same color- i may have to make one of those too! :)
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