Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paper Eggs

This is the first year I won't be at my parent's home for Easter. I'm kinda sad, and very sentimental about it, but it just didn't work to travel down there this time.
My sister Rachel is also not going home because of a bunch of homework and she was a good girl and went and visited our grandparents this weekend. So I invited her over for Easter Linner (dinner+lunch) and to dye eggs with Jeff and I. Little does she know (as long as she doesn't read my blog before tomorrow...) that i'm making her a little Easter basket.

Well, i didn't feel like buying plastic eggs for Rachel and Jeff's baskets, but i needed something to put jelly beans in! Eureka! Paper eggs!
Here's how i did it:

What you need: Cute scrapbook paper, brown paper bag, scissors, pencil, sewing machine (or hand-stitch it if you are really committed), and candy.

1) Trace and cut out your egg shapes. I free-handed my egg shapes but you could print out a pattern from the internet. You need one scrapbook paper shape and one brown paper shape per egg bag.
2) Put your two shapes on top of one another, with the pretty sides facing out! Sew around them leaving a hole at the top.

 3) Fill with candy and sew the opening closed.

4) Place in basket and your done!

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