Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Thankful

I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was able to go home to my parents house for three days! I spent time Christmas shopping with my sisters, cooking with mommy, and chatting and watching Better off Dead with my daddy. (that is a hilarious 80's movie bytheway!) I am thankful for so many things- my family, the great food, a warm bed, my husband getting a little time off work, and Poppop not only being at Thanksgiving but also walking around on his new steel leg and eating his fair share of pie!

Everyone signs the table cloth every year they come to Thanksgiving
I made this FANTASTIC pumpkin dip and carved a pumpkin to place the bowl in.
playing games
So good to have Poppop on two feet!
Went to the craft fair for a little Christmas shopping with my mommy and mommy-in-law!

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