Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall Pinterest Party

I hosted a Pinterest party last night for some of my girlfriends and it was awesome! I decided to do this party because I have WAAAAY too many pins I haven't tried waiting on my Pinterest boards and because I love spending time with friends and playing hostess.

We started out with dinner. Everyone brought goodies they had on their Food Boards to share. We had apples and cream cheese dip, peta-pizzas with garlic butter, potato soup (which is now a favorite easy crockpot dinner!), and I made brown sugar cookie squirrels.

I also cooked up some Pumpkin White Hot Coca for the girls as they were crafting. It's really easy and sooooo good! Tastes like Pumpkin pie in a cup! (tip: whisk the ingredients as you cook them)

We worked on three different crafts:

                                     My mom here is working on a burlap "give thanks" banner. see how here

We also decorated mugs (which i bought for a dollar a piece at the thrift store. Jo Ann Fabrics has glass paint pens in lots of pretty colors. I just bought black (to keep it simple) and everyone decorated a mug or two. I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures! We had all sorts of cute sayings, some adorable owls and love notes. (see some mug ideas here)

We also made leaf mobiles out of plastic bags- YES plastic bags! This was the coolest thing ever, super easy and surprisingly pretty! Even my husband was impressed with how it looks! I hung mine in the window where the sunlight can filter through it-the picture doesn't do it justice! (find the tutorial for making these here.)

Then I sent the girls home with their own little goodie bags. See these ideas and more on my board.

I had so much fun I think I'm going to plan a Christmas Pinterest Party!

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  1. I had lots of fun! I could hardly wait to hang up my cute burlap banner when I got home <3 moma


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