Sunday, November 11, 2012


I thrift a lot. I'm a sucker for great deals-clearance signs draw me in like a magnet. I also love change, at least changing my decor, and I do it every month if not more often. So I am frequently bringing new things into my home to fit my lastest decorating craze.

The problem is, I have a very small home and things fill up fast. I don't have very many walls to work with so when I want to change one thing everything changes...does that make sense?

For instance, my wall above the dinning table is the biggest wall in the apartment and for the last year it has been a slowly evolving gallery wall (I love that style!)...
 and although I still love how it looked I got bored and wanted more color and texture on the wall- so I added burlap and took most of the frames down. So now I have a BUNCH of frames I'm not using, just storing under the bed. : /
Besides frames and prettys for my shelf and mantle...

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...I also love finding good deals on clothes! So the clutter and stuff start piling up everywhere and it's a pain to take care of and a stress to find places to store it. So my Small Space Living tip this week is:

 Purge it!

Yes, that's right, get rid of stuff. Grab a box or a couple of bags and pick a closet. I chose to work on my bedroom closet. It is a small walk-in closet and it stores everything from clothes to cleaning supplies-and it gets cluttered fast what with dirty laundry that missed the hamper, tossed in shoes and thrift store finds. Because it was laundry day (and most of our clothes were heading for the washer) it was the perfect day to clean out and organize this mess...
 ick, I can't believe I'm showing you all this. So embarrassing!
There wasn't really a good place to start, so I just sat down in the middle of it with my "goodwill," "hand-me-down" and "sell" bags handy and went to it.

Tip: if you haven't used it or worn in in the last year, get rid of it! Someone else will love it and use it more! Besides-you live in a small space remember? You don't have room to keep things you don't use!

Now my closet is clean, organized and happy. I even vacuumed in there for good measure.

The closet is a great place to hang posters that don't match the decor but you cant get rig of.
Purses neatly hung-I got ride of a few!
things are neatly hung and folded. I added boxes and baskets to my hanging organizer (that use to be overly stuffed with who  knows what!) to hold hats, gloves and laundry supplies

Another tip: hang your clothes in the order you wear them. Mark a hanger with tape and hang the cloths you just wore (and washed) in the on the right side of the hanger, after a year the clothes you haven't worn at all will be on the left. Easy to spot, grab and donate!

I ended up with a LARGE box full of donations for the Goodwill-purses, shirts, old Christmas stuff, old decorations, etc. A bag full of goodies (clothes and fancys) for my younger sisters, and a small pile of things to sell at Plato's Closet (a great clothing shop where you can sell your lightly used clothing and buy name-brand-used clothing for cheap!)

Next on the chopping block-our living room closet, under the bed, and the kitchen cabinets.

But to see more of this Small Space Living series, click on the menu bar above or go HERE.

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