Monday, August 27, 2012

Who doesn't Love LOVE?

I'm at that age where everytime I get on Facebook someone new has new bling- its seems like EVERYONE is getting engaged!

And I LOVE IT!!!
I got to chat with two of my newly engaged girlfriends, Kaitlin and Jenna. Look how happy they are!

Kaitlin & Sam

Jenna and Benjamin

Aren't they precious? Both couples are getting married next summer and said they wanted help planning! YAYAYAYAYAY! I love LOVE!  

Kaitlin and Jenna, I'm SO honored that you would want my help! I think you both are fantastic and I can't wait to toss around ideas, make crafts together and giggle and laugh! Enjoy EVERY moment of your engagement- it only happens once!

I never get tired of weddings, or hearing love stories, or helping brides fulfill their dreams! {note to self- maybe you need to be a wedding planner?} Almost as soon as I got back from my own honeymoon over a year ago I started a board on Pinterest called "Wedding Hangover," I wanted to do it all again! Here are some more ideas from my board, maybe they'll inspire you Kaitlin and Jenna!

Oh, but first some advice! Don't get bogged down yet with details and money worries, dream big! Decide on a theme, what is most important to you (dress, pictures, a certain type of flower, etc.) just think of the big picture. Often big dreams can turn into reality with a little DIY magic! So go ahead and DREAM!

great angle for first kiss pic, you can see everyone's reactions!
photobooth  idea! easy to personalize with old wedding pictures from family members on the wall!
"game day sweats" for getting ready :)
confetti in the programs to throw when walk back down the aisle or at the "getaway!"
easy photobooth
another fun photobooth  backdrop!
fun props! or collect your own from your childhood dress up boxes!

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