Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Than Friends

Photo By B. Jaskilka

These five beautiful ladies were on the RA team with my this year. (from Left to Right) Betsey was our fearless and creative leader, Sarah was always full of good insights and ridiculous goofy fun ideas, then there's me, and Olivia had her hilarious alter-ego and was super caring not just for her girls but for us as well, Teanna (TeTe) did our nails and was always so supportive and hardworking, and Jenae (Jenae-nae) was always good for a hug and some wisdom. We all got so close this year, I know i couldn't have gotten through without out their love, support, encouragement, advice and laughter. While we will never be on a team like this again all together we are more than teammates, more than friends. I believe we became sisters this year and i know i can count on anyone of them to be right there for me in the good times and bad. So here's a picture tribute to my sisters- I love you girls!

Thanks for an amazing year sisters!


  1. I love this! It is SO true... Such a special connection our team has:) We are sister.


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