Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weather: Guest Post

So I know this fantastic artist named Deanna. She loves her children deeply, and she has lots of kids because she seems to "adopt" every kid who comes through youth group. She is capable of such love because of her faith and love in Jesus Christ. She is artistic, loving, caring, wise, very funny, way cooler then me... oh and she happens to be my MOM! No worries, I'm not biased, everything I say about her is true and can be backed up by any of her other "kids."

Today's post comes from her blog An Artist Currently Known as Starving. One thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about her blog is that she posts pictures of her art work along with an explanation of what she was thinking and meaning when she created it. Every piece of art comes with a touching lesson, and occasionally a silly story about her own children too :) Click HERE to read about her version of "Small Talk." This subject is very near and dear to me and something I've carried into my own life. Maybe you will too!

Original Art Work by Deanna

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  1. You are living proof that God is good to me. :)love, Moma


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