Friday, March 25, 2011

Best Late Birthday Present Ever

I came home for spring break to find an oddly wrapped package on my bed. When i peeking inside all i saw was white and pearls and sparkles. my first thought was-"oh no, it's something over the top someone wants me to wear on my wedding day!" But when i began pealing away the tissue paper i found a pearl encrusted Bible and a hankie. I wasn't sure what to think until i found the note inside.
It was a present from my Grandma Roy. This was the hankie she used 52 years ago when she married Poppop and the Bible was carried by both my grandma and my aunt Cindy on their wedding days. i almost broke down a cried. It is such an honor to be blessed with this gift; a part of my family heritage. I'm going to carry the hankie as i walk down the aisle-and i'll probably need to use it too! The Bible I am going to use to decorate the guest book table or in another important spot. 
Thank you Grandma Roy! I feel so special using these on my wedding day!

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