Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

Jeff and I had an amazing day yesterday! It all started when his alarm didn't go off and we missed church (which was sad). So we went down to Gov Cup for some coffee and studied Galatians 3 together. Then we tramped around the Book Bin (a fun little book store in downtown that we love). We didn't want to return to our homework yet so we drove around (ya know-like good old fashioned Sunday Drive style) until Jeff mentioned his dad wanted us to drive by a few houses he saw for good deals. Well, I wasn't going to be able to focus until we found them! The first we went to was great- 4 bedrooms, a cute front yard, off of the road a bit and a fenced in back yard {perfect for a puppy ;) }. But the second home we saw was amazing! Also a 4 bedroom, big basement and an upstairs as well, it just has that cute factor-old wood stove, glass doorknobs(!!!!), wood floors, and lots of character. It needs new siding, the nasty carpets need ripped out, new paint everywhere, numerous other projects, and two young newlyweds to make it a home. :) I think it's the hard work and knowing that we would be creating amazing memories working on this house that makes it so attractive, besides the fact that it fits into my Etsy favorites page perfectly. :)
Now we just need a down payment and some jobs. :)
<---look at the cute stone walk way!
and imagine a cream house with a red door, flowers in the planters and iron stair railing
            Dinning room- add a little round table, sturdy old chairs and some white curtains tied back with burlap
                                                                          kitchen-red paint on the walls, white cabinets and glass knobs, and a new counter top, and the flower box Jeff made me outside the window.
basement-cleaned and scrubbed, rug and couches, paint the beams and ducts and walls to make a fun hang out space for friends and family :)

 bedroom- paint the ceiling white again and the weird red under the windows, bed with an old door for a headboard and white blankets, and curtains and a cozy rug for our feet.

Maybe it's an impossible dream but the Lord is good either way!
We are going to be praying a working hard, I'd love it if you'd pray for us too. :)


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  1. Becca it'd be soo awesome to get a house like that! I love your vision for home improvement! I'm looking forward to our first place too...even though it's "just" married student's more like an apartment - two levels! Ya married life!!


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