Friday, January 7, 2011


So I'm not very good at this blogging stuff. But maybe I'll be more interesting and catch some followers as I blog about my wedding planning process. :)

My wonderful boyfriend of 5+ years, Jefferson, proposed on August 6th, 2010. We went hiking that day with our families to Tamolich pool up HW 126. I was suspicious that morning- we were going to his self-proclaimed favorite place on earth with both of our families on our last free day of summer, something was up. I watched my family closely for hints and clues, but they gave away nothing. Mom helped me with crafts that morning, dad was talking about how he'd rather go boating, Rachel was normal and Cherry, who I watched the closest-kids give everything away-was neutral too. (No one had told her because they were afraid she'd slip.) So I was content to wait until I saw Jeff, and I watched him for nerves-he was cool, and no more excited for hiking than usual, and i looked for a ring box bump in his pocket but couldn't find one. ( It was hidden under his cell phone. Tricky tricky) So by that time I had pretty much given up the idea because I didn't want to build up the idea so much that I'd be disappointed and ruin a beautiful, fun day. So we drove up there and hiked about 2 miles of beautiful rugged trail to Tamolich Pool. This has to been the prettiest place I have ever seen! The water is crystal clear and so blue! I was awed by God's incredible handiwork. We hiked down to where we could put our feet in the water-which is so cold your feet go numb after an=bout 6 seconds, we timed it. So this is where i should have started to be suspicious, family was sitting on the rocks behind us, mom had out her camera-but then she always does- Byron had out the video camera, and Jeff and I were alone next to the water. But I was clueless. Jeff and I were talking about goofy things like how pretty a site it would be to build a house there, and how would you keep the tourists off your property when he brought up the thought that I could stay in that house with him. I jokingly and playfully returned, "Really, like forever." His face softened and he said, "Well, about forever..." and pulled out the ring as he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes and as he hugged me i started to cry and shake for shock and joy mixed up in a gamut of emotions. It was a wonderful day, it was the start of a new chapter in my life leading up to the big day in July where I'll slip into a white dress, my dad will walk me down the aisle, I'll get my first kiss and change my name. How good my God is! How wonderful are His ways! How perfect are His Plans!

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