Wednesday, July 18, 2012

week 1 recap

One week done of my Biggest Loser challenge and... I am right on track! 3 pounds down 12 to go!

So far this week I have learned to
drink more water- have to replace all that sweat!
adjust weight machines to fit my little height- dont want to injure my self
water skiing is a very good work out
peanut butter protein smoothies are my favorite treat right now (since i'm not having ice cream, cake, donuts, chocolate, etc.)
the feeling of accomplishment (even just 3 pounds) is totally worth the effort! It's been MONTHS since I've weighed 165, I was stuck in a rut, not gaining or losing anything. I can't see any difference really in my body shape yet, but it's coming I know!

In Other News:

This coming Monday is Jeff and I'd first anniversary! How crazy is that! The year flew by and we have been blessed in so many ways- great apartment, good jobs, Jeff graduated, kittens, food, and enough resources to do some fun things too.

To celebrate we are going camping this weekend up near Tamolich (where Jeff proposed). It may become something of a tradition :) I'm excited because I haven't tent-camped since I was really little. (My parents got a motor home and that was the end of sleeping on the ground for them).

Pictures from August 10, 2010- the day he proposed. 

And this is last year on our honeymoon at Tamolich.

Isn't that just a beautiful place? I love it there!

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