Thursday, July 5, 2012

They're Married!

My best friend and brother (in-law) were married this last Saturday. It was an indoor wedding, which was good because just as we started down the aisle the rain came down in buckets! Rain makes for good marriage luck, right? :)

Here are some pictures I caught during the day. I'll post/link more when the photographers are put up.

Isn't she pretty!


First Dance

Father Daughter dance

Mother Son Dance. Riley recorded a song to dance to as a surprise for momma. :)

God is always good. We can trust His promises.

Apparently this is the 5th garter he's caught!

Escape to the getaway car!

What! surprise! you get a limo!
The wedding was beautiful and a complete testament to the beauty and style of the bride and the love between the couple.

Here's the piece of advice that I gave them during my Matron of Honor speech:

The Honeymoon never has to end. The vacation will certainly end, but the honeymoon doesn't have to. You have just married the love of you life! Enjoy every minute! Wake up each morning ready to love, serve and enjoy each other, and then the honeymoon will never end.

I love you both so much! I'm so proud to be able to call you family. Jeff and I are and always will be right here for you, no matter what. Hugs!

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