Sunday, October 16, 2011


How much fun would it be to decorate a kids room like this?! The word is the ladder! How cool!

Wouldn't it be fun to put a dresser in here with knobs that say "Dresser" and a desk with the top decoupaged with its name across the top and a chair with one leg made out of letters?

Since kids are a long way off in the future (unless God has other plans for us) this idea will have to wait in the decorating archives along with all of these:
and how about this crib/changing table! Fit for a little princess!
And for the little super hero- LOVE IT!!! 
this totally reminds me of Neverland!

Ok, and if you think I'm thinking about babies too much, how about these beautiful rooms?
I love the in-wall book shelf and the cozy rug in this picture. This would be a great guest bedroom. Even the pink lamp, finding funky things from your teenage bedroom can be made more adult in a setting like this.
love the patterned wall and floor with the mellow bedding!
as much as i love plain wood floors, white washed wood floors are really inviting.
I love the idea of hanging a chandelier above the bed

the quilt on the wall is a great headboard idea- you could use one you already have! I love saving money.
 This is our bedroom as of now- with how much I like decorating, in a month or two it'll look a bit different :)
the banner is from our wedding, all the furniture was given to us

we didnt have enough bookshelf space so i piled them up on the floor like i saw in a Pottery Barn ad.

Our room is really small so we can't move around the furniture very much.  I'd like to hang a chandelier and make some sort of headboard or curtains to frame the bed and add some warmth and height to the small space. Hmmm, i'll figure something out- I gotta have something to space off about during classes, right? just kidding!

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