Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Olivia's Bridal Shower

This is Olivia, one of my oldest friends.
We first met in third grade, both new and kind of shy. We quickly discovered not only were we both the new girls, but we also lived on the same hill, and even had the same doctor! Those were the perfect ingredients for an instant friendship.
We played four square and tether ball together, played on the same soccer teams for years, had sleep overs, and would meet each other halfway between our houses at the pond for play dates.
 She is really more like a sister then a friend. No matter how far apart we are, or how long between hugs, I'll always love her and be there for her- that's what family is for. (By the way Livy, I really wish I could make it to Maui for your wedding! I will be thinking of you!)
A year ago Olivia came to my bridal shower. (See her blog post about it here.)

About a year ago, on July 16, she said yes to her boyfriend Brock and they are getting married in 48 days!

Sunday I saw her for the first time since my own wedding  (man life flies by!) at her bridal shower. It was held at her soon-to-be-mother-in-law's house. It was lovely, she was lovely- with that happy "bride glow."
She was showered with love and gifts from family and friends. Oh, by the way, the food was brilliant. <3

I think I'll let pictures speak for themselves.

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