Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photography Challenge

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I really like to take pictures. If you know me really well you know I see in pictures. I look out the window and think, yeah this or that would be a good angle. Unfortunately I don't know much of actual photography lighting or editing and I don't have a good camera. Well, I have a FANTASTIC point-and-shoot but it just isn't the same as one of these...
 mmmmmm, isn't it pretty?

Well, I'm planning on saving up for one, a little here and there, Christmas, birthday, graduation, the whole bit and then setting myself up with a camera, a cute camera bag (so I'll actually carry it around and not worry about it getting broken.), tripod, and a good photo editing program. This is the bag I want :) 
So, to prepare for someday, I need to start practicing!
Here's day one: Self Portrait
maybe it's a cheater pic since my sister is in it, but it's late and I just decided to do this challenge :) Maybe I'll try to make up for today tomorrow. If anyone wants to join me in my endeavor please link your blog in a comment so I can see your creative pictures!

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