Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekends and Weddings

I had such a great weekend! Jeff and I went to Anthony and Leanna's wedding on Saturday. I'm so happy for them! and a little jealous, I want to be married! :) Only two months to go!

some crazy Farrar guys :)

Grrr face, lol

  After the wedding Jeff surprised me and took me to Avery park and brought along a picnic. :) He's so sweet. It was a perfect end to our day.

My bestie also had her birthday this weekend. I'd just like to say that she one one of the most beautiful women i know, inside and out! I love you Nikki!
Now Mommy and I are working on wedding invitations and later I'll be starting my job search via internet. I'm thinking, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Barns&Noble, Borders, Target, Jamba Juice, Willamalane Swim Centers, Roaring Rapids, etc. :)
My mommy is so pretty :)

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  1. The invitations look beautiful Becca! I love reading your blog and seeing how you and Jeff are doing. Miss you guys! :D


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