Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Begining Of An End

Tonight was my hall's last Bible study. :(  I can't express how much I'm going to miss these girls! Being an RA this year was truly a blessing. I came into the year expecting to give and give and pour into the lives of these girls. And while this was true, and at times I was totally drained- it was so worth it for the love they have shown me, the lessons I've learned through them, the memories and the friendships we've built. They have poured into my life and loved me unconditionally. There's nothing like dorm life; nothing like having 80 sisters and 15 of them call you "Mama Becca."
Here's what we did tonight:
Since it's dead week, and everybody's stressed out, i decided to keep Bible Study simple. Back in Feburary at our hall retreat, we painted our feet and danced on flat canvas'.
So tonight we painted verses on those canvas'.

Two of my suite girls blasted their music in the hall way and danced (if we can call it dancing) their stress away. :) I'm proud to say, I learned how to do the worm tonight. 
Then we made a late night Slurpee & Red Box run to prepare for our late night of homework.
And now, I will actually do my homework. Hopefully i can actually make it to bed tonight...

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