Friday, March 30, 2012

Chevron Rug

Yes, my sister is very cute and very goofy :) While she is wonderful, I'm using this picture as a "Before" pic of my white rug. you can only see a corner of it in this photo, and i must say that it looks a lot better in the picture than it did in real life. After 3+ years of dorm life it was stained and icky. So I decided to give it new life, here's how:

What You'll Need:
-old rug/boring rug
-a great paint color to match your decor
-fabric paint medium- found at any craft store
-a stencil of your pattern
-masking tape/blue tape/ frog tape
-cheap foam paint brush

Here's What to Do:
1) make sure your rug is clean and vacumed!
2) create a stencil out of cardboard or buy one in a pattern you like. I made a stencil/cardboard pattern and used it to get my tape lines straight because i didn't have a piece of cardboard big enough too fit the width of my rug.
I decided on a chevron stripe because it is fun and very "in" right now. Oh, and in the above pic you see that i skipped the scissors and used my Exato Knife because it was easier for me. See how i am using my stencil? More like a guide line then a stencil i guess.

3) Once your rug is all taped up (or you have a fancy stencil, like these ladies) use your foam brush to carefully sponge and paint your rug. Be careful not to get any paint under your tape (this is especially hard to do with a stencil, tape is a bit easier to get a clean line but it is more time consuming).
Make sure to lay down something underneath your rug to protect your floors if you are doing this inside!

4) Let the paint dry completely. Peel it away and enjoy!

If your painted lines are too "pokey" you can gently take a sander to it. See here.

I love how my "new" rug makes my apartment look and feel a bit more complete :) And i did it for under $6! Whoot whoot!

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