Sunday, March 4, 2012


I dont know what it is, but despite the crafty bone i inherited from my mother, i could not figure out how in the world to knit or crochet! I kept seeing all these cute scarves and hats and headbands and i didnt want to just buy one- not when i could make one!

But today, today I won! i found a crocheting style that is super easy for beginners (click here if you want to try!) I made this headband ten stitches wide and just kept measuring my head for length, add a cute button, and presto! cuteness success!

I find it hard to stay focused in class (or not fall asleep) sometimes but i found that keeping my hands busy with crocheting kept me more attentive. Most teachers dont mind, though it is nice if you ask them first and make sure you arent distracting those around you.

In other crafting news...

Well, there isn't much new craftiness going on in this lil apartment lately with our hectic class and work schedules but I did make these cute pom poms for Nikki's bridal shower during homework breaks. They are super easy to make and cute for any party or just sprucing up your room- and they are cheap! (Cheap is good in the newly-wed-college-student world!)
Happy crafting!

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