Thursday, March 8, 2012

No Fancy Diet for Me

America, the land of the diets.

I, like so many out there, struggle with belly fat. I'm over weight, not terribly so, but enough to know that i could be heathier and, yes, look better too. But just so you know, I'm a big supporter of beauty on the inside and the outside. Beauty starts off on the inside- knowing who you are in God, that He loves you and made you exactly the way you are. Then there's the outside- we were given these bodies to take care of, so be healthy, make good choice and "honor God with your bodies." (Plus it is always nice to want to look better for your spouse, there's nothing wrong with that. And Jeff always tells me he loves the way I look.)

This week I started researching, thanks Google, belly fat, healthy foods and fun but productive ways to exercise. I'll write a more detailed post later on my findings up to this point (as I need to be doing homework for my next class, but instead I'm blogging, haha) and continue to update you on how everything is going.

But just so you know, I started out the week at 165 pounds- my goal weight by summer is 145 pounds- and just by changing a few easy food habits I've already lost 3 pounds!

Here's what I've done-

I've always ate cereal, i could live on the stuff! but, thanks to my supportive husband, i'm not going to buy it and i've cut it out of my diet, replacing it with oatmeal and a small English muffin for breakfast.

In general i've cut down on bread- not eliminated it, and i've been eatting more fruit and salads.

I've been trying to workout at least 3 times a week- good hard cardio on the elliptical and ab workouts that use a variety of motions to work my whole core. i definitely need to be more consistent with my workouts but this is a start.

Remember- (I tell myself) this about being healthy, feeling good, honoring God, and honoring my husband.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely day! Go for a walk, its good for your body and stress level :)

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  1. I hear ya on this one Becca! I've been eating "gluten free" for one or sometimes two meals a basically cutting wheat. This has helped a lot! Especially combined with working out. And that's awesome that Jeff supports you, that helps soo much to have someone holding us accountable! Desserts are my biggest downfall...but I'm getting better!


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