Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bringing New Life to an Old Chair

The few weeks before moving into the apartment I filled with lots of things, one of those being redecorating old furniture various wonderful people blessed us with.

For me, this mainly means painting everything white. I left the desk and table their lovely wood color, but the coffee table, chairs and my dresser needed some new life.

The chair below is my favorite, because I also got to try my hand at re-covering the seat cushion. This chair was found at the Goodwill by my wonderful Mommy Forrest for $2! In perfect condition (Besides the awful fabric and smell).
this is the fabric that covered it when I got it.

This tag dates this chair around the 1930's! It's held up really well!

 And this picture is of the chair in its original glory, except very worn and greasy. I pulled off the first layer of fabric to find this green greasy velvet number. I'm sure it was the height of fashion at one point.
 I used an glossy oil base paint. My dad owns a painting business so he knows how to clean up oil paint from brushes and things, I would suggest (and will use now that I'm out of my dad's house) not using oil based paint because clean up is a hassle, not just the brush but, if you are clumsy like me, legs and arms dont come clean with just soap. (nail polish remover or paint thinner works for body clean up)
I recovered the seat with a fantastic piece of linen-y looking blue, yellow striped fabric that I found at JoAnns on clearance! Score! Dont these two chairs look fresh and happy? White paint is definately my decorating go-to.

Next on the White-Paint-line up, neon pink locker storage bins that definitely dont match my decor anymore. I think I'm going to buy a can of white spray paint and see how it works, I havent tried that before! :)

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