Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Art Keeps Me Sane

My latest craft...a lamp shade with old cut up book pages glued on it...

Yes, it's true, crafts keep me sane. Amid all the papers, assignments, tests and meetings, I've got to have a little fun creative outlet! Otherwise i think my head would explode with ideas :) Here's how i did it...
1) one old lamp shade from a lamp i broke and a cute base from Target ( White Target lamp base)
2) grab an old book no one is ever going to read again (Goodwill, free bin at the library)
3) cut book pages into inch wide strips
4) use decorative scissors to add flare to the top and bottom of the strips
5) run tacky glue around the top and bottom of lamp shade and
6)attach strips of paper. because the shade is cynderical, the top of the strips will overlap more then at the bottom. i suggest doing this in two layers- as you glue on the first layer, the tops of the strips will touch and the bottoms won't. Try to glue on the strips as straight as possible! then go back and cover the holes.
7) add pretty buttons, ribbon, or paper flowers to finish it off. (to make flowers see my previous post old-books-paper-punch and buttons)
Wha-la! A beautiful new lamp!

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