Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Random Facts About Me

1.) I love my bright yellow Ticondaroga pencils. For whatever reason they make me so happy. Maybe its their bright yellow ora, or maybe the beautiful lines they make newly sharpened, or maybe the precious way they sit in their little green jam jar on my desk.
2.) I love listening to my ipod (via speakers of course) and singing country music in the shower.
3.) "You have an amazing 'shut up I'm trying to sleep' glare. You never remember but you swing your legs outta bed..pretty much everything but actually getting out of bed." -Casey Thomas, roommate 2009-10
4.) i love coffee- white chocolate peppermint mocha made with soy and some whip cream on top.
5.) I'm organized, i go insane if things aren't a certain way (which they usually aren't-I'm too busy). I hang most of my clothes in sleeve length and color order and i can't concentrate on homework in my room if its a mess.
6.) I currently have an obsession with bird-silhouettes in decorating and stuff. Thus-bird theme at the wedding. On the invites, bird figurines on the tables and i'm sure I'll think of some other things.
7.) I'm addicted to
8.) I love hurdling in track. And i have a really good day when i get to wear my spikes and use starting blocks.
9.)If I was a character in a book, i would be Elisabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice (my favorite book and movie).
10.) The last movie i watched was The Proposal (2 days ago) because i'm obsessed with love.

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