Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update on my Challege

Well, i kinda failed that challenge. {see challenge here}

I followed it great for the first week!

Then... well there are many excuses to choose from.

After that first week i was sore from these little work outs, i hadn't lost weight but i was feeling better-healthier, more energized, etc. It is a great little workout to do instead of getting on Facebook for a study break!

I would recommend this 4 minute workout to anyone, i'm going to keep using it-but not everyday. I like to mix it up (which i think is one reason i failed) runs, ab workouts, jump rope, bike riding, long walks, Pilates, recreational sports, and now 4 min workout. The point is to stay active and healthy- so get out there and move, figure out what works for you!

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