Saturday, November 12, 2011


Ok, so I saw this video on Pintrest (which happens to be my latest fling) :) and I was skeptical. I mean, a 4 minute workout? Seriously? After sitting on the couch doing homework for most of the day, i felt the need to get up a move. i remembered this and decided to try it. Holy Cow! the second set was rough! I'm still skeptical about how well it will "burn fat," but I'm going to put it to the test (and myself to the test for that matter).

Okay, I'm putting this up so you all can keep me accountable...

Today I weigh : 156.4 lbs
My goal: 140 lbs (but i mostly want to see less belly chub)

Two week plan (not intending to acomplish goal by then-but i wanna see some results!)

        -4 minute workout everyday- one rest/grace day a week
        -run at least a mile 3 times a week
        -drink at least a water bottle  (24oz) a day
         -log food on livestrong
         -journal everyday what i did for exercise and Bible Study

I not only want to feel good, look better, and be healthy, but i also want to glorify God by taking care of this body He gave me.

Who else is in?

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