Monday, September 19, 2011

My little Boo

This is my sister...
She is the most beautiful girl I know, both inside and out. The funny thing is, she doesnt realize it.
 I mean seriously, look at this beautiful young lady!
 I want the world, but especially my little Boo, to know that she is fantastic.
 She has the most beautiful and giving heart I have ever met.
 She's not afraid to be herself and love her God.
 Her laughter brings joy, her hugs bring a deep sense of love and belonging.
 My sister is crazy, fun, and incredibly creative. I can't even tell you how artistic she is.
 We have spent the last 18 years being sisters. There were the tough times but I wouldn't trade a moment with her for anything.
 My little Boo is all grown up now, a big college student in her little dorm room.
 I cant help but miss our carefree crazy childhood sometimes. Wasn't it yesterday we spend hours upon hours playing in an empty fridge box? (we were teenagers at that time by the way) :)
 I pray that the Lord will protect and care for my little Boo. I pray He will rain down all the blessings of heaven on her precious life and give her back all the joy she has given to me and more.

Boo, I love you to the stars and back again, never ending times a million!

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