Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Oven? No Problem!

Jeff and I are LOVING our new apartment! One of the things I was originally worried about was our kitchen not having an oven. But things are working out great so far! Our toaster oven is awesome :)

I used to be scared of cooking too. I was always the one getting kicked out of the kitchen; mom and Rachel enjoyed it more anyway and were better at it. And then... there was the grilled cheese. I attempted to make myself an innocent grilled cheese sandwich. Well, lets just say, some how all the cheese ended up melted in the pan and where my whole wheat use to be was a pile of charcoal... I haven't tried one since.

Well, i still havent tried the grilled cheese, but I am starting to cook and experiment :) For example, last night i made some fantastic baked chicken marinaded in Yumm! sauce. Seems easy enough, and it is. The toaster oven is easier to use than i thought, not a whole lot of difference from an oven, except that it wont fit any of the nice pans and cookie sheets we got for our wedding. :(

Oh, and Yumm! Sauce is just about the most amazing and versatile thing ever! I L.O.V.E. it!!! So if you are ever wondering what you want to gift me (if you dont want to get me craft store or American Eagle gift cards) I'd love a bottle of Yumm!!!!

Today I'm making cookies while Jeff is off at work. He got a job at Les Schwab! God is so good! He meets all of our needs in such wonderful ways. For now I'm a student and a stay at home wife :) who needs to go look for a job...ugh.

I'm really excited to see friends and family tomorrow! Jeff turns 21 and we are having an ultimate Frisbee party followed by smores around the fire pit. Party=sweets, hence cookies and Jeff and I will be making his favorite cake tonight- German Chocolate :) Married life is great!!

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