Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jury Duty

I was called in for jury duty today. I got up before the sun and drove an hour to my home town- coffee in hand and KLove playing worship music on the radio. My number was called and I was a little excited. I was curious how the whole process works and eager to serve my country. Unfortunately the case was going to go for about a week, which, as a college student already a month into the semester, would have been really difficult to deal with. The judge gave us opportunity to express if we believed we should be excused. I spoke up, was excused and was outta there before noon.

Picked some flowers from home to make my home a little homier

Since I was in my home town, was excused from classes and in need of some free food, I called up my parents to find out what they were up to. :) I met daddy at his shop and was able to sit and chat with him for over an hour. He was so busy, even eating on the run, but he took time to sit down with his little girl. I'm so blessed. When daddy had to get back to work I drove home and spent the afternoon with my momma. It was so good to smell the country air again, pet my cat, give my puppy a belly rub and drink coffee with my momma at the kitchen table. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated- all thanks to a jury summons :)

By the way, God is so beautiful!

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