Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jesus Provides Pizza

I finally got a job! I shouldn't say finally because it is exactly the right time-God's timing. I was hired by Roaring Rapids Pizza Co. It's a super fun, family oriented pizza place on the Willamette river. They even have a carousel! and i get to run it! I love working in a fast paced, positive environment around families-kids are just so stinkin' cute!The Lord has truly blessed my with this job- not only in that its a fun place to work, that i have friends who work there but also because they have an incredibly flexible schedule and are giving me time off for my wedding and honeymoon! What a blessing! The Lord is soooooooo good!!! I cant say it enough! I dont know why i go through seasons of doubt and fear because the Lord always always is good and He always always provides in the most perfect way in the the most perfect timing. did i mention He is good? :D

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