Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank God for Children and Carousels

Running the merry go round is my favorite thing to do at work.
Kids coming running, all smiles and full of giggles- and I'm the coolest person right then, because I control the Carousel.
The same song plays over and over again, but the kids never tire of it, and their joyful energy keeps me going; keeps me smiling through the long shifts.

There is something poetic about a spinning carousel, children's laughter, giddy parents waving, flashing colors, summer heat, and the joyfully triumphant music. I wish I was more talented with words, so I could more fully describe the beauty I see in the simple scene.

The next time you see a merry go round, and hear a child's unrestrained laughter, and see their uninhibited similes- stop and enjoy that moment. Remember what it was like to be that carefree, take a breath, and relax. Let their laughter fill you up with a little joy- and thank God for children and carousels.

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